[wp-hackers] JSON Syndication

Cori Schlegel kinrowan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 16:21:13 GMT 2007

I'm not a WP hacker, so perhaps I should keep my mouth shut, but as a
not-hacker I disagree with this:
> And what exactly are the needs of full text feeds? I think that matter
> is up to interpretation, but the way I see it, the entire purpose of
> online syndication is to distribute a snippet of a larger work in a
> format that piques the reader's interest, and encourages them to visit
> the original source to read more. I do not see syndication having the
> need to convey all of the semantic markup of the document being
> syndicated. When I read an Atom feed, I honestly don't really care
> where the author put emphasis. If I want that much info, I'll click
> the link and read the whole article.
I don't agree with that assessment of syndication or the importance of
full-content at all.  I want the full content in the feed, preferably
with the author's emphasis.  In fact, a lack of full content often means
I won't subscribe at all.

This is not a commentary on the concept of JSON feeds - I don't know
enough about JSON to comment on that, but full-content is definitely an
important aspect of syndication as a whole, and I would argue that the
interpretation I detail above is at least as common as the one you
outline, Matt.

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