[wp-hackers] file post-uploading hook?

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Mon Feb 19 19:49:38 GMT 2007

Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:

> There is an action called 'upload_files_upload', which is called  
> from upload.php for file upload management. You should be able to  
> add to that, using add_action, with a high priority so your  
> function is called first. See upload-functions.php in wp-admin for  
> information on what it is doing now... if you have been writing  
> plugins, this is probably enough to get you started?

Do you or anyone know any plugin or code that trigger that hook? I'm  
just stuck on how to play with that action, I'm pretty good at  
editing, but I lack experience on writing... anyway I'll try to make  
my thing.
Thanks for your tip.


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