[wp-hackers] file post-uploading hook?

Amis/Pixline - Assistenza supporto at pixline.net
Mon Feb 19 12:36:30 GMT 2007

Hi everybody,
this is my first - and hope not the last - post in this mailing  
list,  so I beg your pardon if I ask for something already asked, but  
I can't find nothing useful to me. Please excuse my awful english  
too :-)

I'm working to port a complex website (with its own hand-made CMS) to  
wordpress, and I've managed to emulate nearly every feature it has  
with a bunch of plugins, except two or three of them, and I'm trying  
to convert my legacy code into a new plugin.
On the actual CMS we had a function to sanitize the file names and  
manipulate uploaded files (like stripping spaces and not allowed  
chars, converting all lowercase, and filling mp3 idv2 tags with the  
post meta data); I'd love to port that function to wordpress, but I  
can't find any hook to plug it with.

There is a way to hook or append some code on the file uploading, or  
I need to hack inline-uploading directly?

Really thanks for your time, I'll keep on googling anyway in the mean  

Paolo Tresso
Web Developer
Pixline Freelance Network

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