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> Hi,
>   I was looking for wordpress design or architecture documentation   
> on the net, but mostly it leads to the   
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Blog_Design_and_Layout.
>   Kindly, need your help in understanding Wordpress Architecture or Design.
>   Thank You
>   Sai Krishna


If you wish to see a dependencies chart (or function call chart), then  
you'll probably need to generate one yourself, using a PHP flow  
analysis tool. It could, however, be rather complex. I suggest that  
you learn the functions and files, as documented in the Codex,  
starting with the core files and going 'outwards'. This way you will  
get a feel for what's going on 'under the hood' (WordPress anatomy).  
You will know which file/function does what. Beyond this, I am not  
entirely sure what to suggest, but I advise that you do intra-file  
search using tools like GNUrep to identify code of interest. You could  
alternatively search the Codex for particular bits of the code. There  
is some description there about the structure/hierarchy, which is  
probably the most you can get.

As code evolves over time, there's nothing that beats experience and  
once you stop hacking, you'll forget variable names, function names,  
and find them removed, renamed, or relocated.

I hope this helps a little...

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