[wp-hackers] Blank page for proxied clients

Tassoman (mailing) ml at tassoman.com
Fri Feb 16 17:45:03 GMT 2007

Hello 2 all,
        I have a problem with some blogs and at the same time, I haven't
with others (differents vhosts in the same webserver, more in the same
vhost WP 2.1 in document root is rendering blank pages to proxies
clients (squid) while another installation a /subdir is pretty working).

The problem came after upgrading WP 2.1a3 to stable, and
after upgrading to php 5.2.1

Some hint? I've tried to remove squid cache to my personal proxy but
it's still blanking. Also from office, so I don't see the proxy as

Blogging humanum est, Tassoman ovest.

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