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Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Feb 14 13:18:33 GMT 2007

Mike Little wrote:

> Without expressing an opinion on the should we/shouldn't we debate, I
> will point out that there is a lot more to XHTML than well-formed XML.
> That is merely the foundation.

Yes, but it is the foundation; it is the place to start; and it is the 
minimum we should provide.

> For example if we were to use XHTML strict,
>  <center>some text</center>
> is perfectly formed XML. But it is not allowed in strict XHTML

That depends on the meaning of "allowed". That fragment is well-formed 
but is not valid. Valid is much harder and I think we can live without 
it. However well-formed is a reasonable and useful goal.

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