[wp-hackers] Reputed XSS issue with WordPress (templates.php)

Bas Bosman wordpress at nazgul.nu
Tue Feb 13 18:21:50 GMT 2007

>> Any managing action which allows custom JavaScript to be directly
>> executed
>> from a request is a XSS vulnerability and should be fixed.
> I didn't get XSS with the sample exploit link.  Once I clicked through
> the AYS though,  I got another AYS and XSS.  We just need to
> specialchars the output of wp_explain_nonce().

That's indeed the best fix for this issue, but I hope my other mail
proofed that this can be used for XSS. (That the original exploit code
didn't do much doesn't mean it can't be adapted)

Bas Bosman (Nazgul)

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