[wp-hackers] Reputed XSS issue with WordPress (templates.php)

Bas Bosman wordpress at nazgul.nu
Tue Feb 13 17:37:07 GMT 2007

> On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 17:44 +0100, Bas Bosman wrote:
>> This can be triggered by users without the edit files capability. You
>> just
>> have to trick somebody with that capability to click that specially
>> crafted link, by mailing a link or posting it in a comment for instance.
> Maybe so, but doesn't this fall into the "social engineering" category?
> With the same arguments, you could say that other managing actions which
> are triggered by a GET request are vulnerable to XSS attacks.

Yes, but that's why they're called cross-site scripting attacks. They can
be triggered from other sites.

Any managing action which allows custom JavaScript to be directly executed
from a request is a XSS vulnerability and should be fixed.

Bas Bosman (Nazgul)

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