[wp-hackers] Tagging, Categorizing, Labeling, Classifying: Taxonomics and Folksonomics in WordPress

Marcos Sader | marcosmedia m at marcosmedia.com
Tue Feb 13 06:06:00 GMT 2007

Tag as a core functionality: +1

UTW have some problems/limitations that needs to be fixed, and the
schema is rather poor to be used as a base. In order to implement this
as a core feature, the database table should be modified so tags can
have a "nice name" and the proper "tag slug" (for permalinks use), as
we currently have in posts.

The UI should be rather simple, I'm for the delicious implementation,
suggest feature and existing tags list should be included as well,
plus a way to add complex tags as Flickr uses.

Regarding themes and plugins, the API should be really simple and the
schema could be something like this,


With that simple, yet powerful structure you can build a decent API,
plus, we will need some hooks in the admin UI in order to allow
developers to add some extra features, and some options to configure
basic functionality of the feature.

(Cross-posting to the related ticket as well.)

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> Andy Skelton wrote:
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> >> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3723
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> > If you're following this discussion and you're not on the wp-trac
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> Best way is to grab the RSS feed:
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