[wp-hackers] Tagging, Categorizing, Labeling, Classifying: Taxonomics and Folksonomics in WordPress

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 08:32:16 GMT 2007

Chris Williams wrote:
> <$0.02>
> I think this is a great idea: splitting the functionality of having a bare
> tagging schema (and the UI to add them to a post) from all the options such
> as display/clouds/bells&whistles and even import/export.  Lightens up UTW,
> allows the separation of the display from implementation (just good Computer
> Science), allows people to choose a cloud plug-in, or a list plug-in, or...
> Seems like a great idea.
> And yes, I think tagging is a core functionality.  As I've said before,
> tagging is not a just tagging, think of it as an index, as keywords, as a
> semantic element, not just a way to a cute tag cloud.  Keyword indexes are
> an important part of any publishing system.
> </$0.02>
> Chris

Amen! I totally agree with that.. It came packaged in bbPress, too bad 
they just didn't package it in WP from the get..

/Sorry about last email, forgot to change: "TVB" = The Vindictive 
Bastard to: "spencerp" .. :P


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