[wp-hackers] Re: yes, hide_errors but now log_errors too; if so, where?

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Mon Feb 12 04:42:45 GMT 2007

Martin at Cleaver.org wrote:
> (16:25:08) *MartinCleaver:* I think my install is experiencing problems 
> that
> are muted by hide_errors
> (16:25:21) *MartinCleaver:* I think that logging during errors would allow
> me to diagnose

Then just take out the hide errors line, and try again.

PHP also has a function called error_log which you could use in the code:


I don't think this is really relevant to core development. We only use 
hide_errors in fairly safe places, and there are no known 
DB-error-causing bugs in any of our code.

In the future, it would be polite to the numerous people on this list to 
keep emails short and to the point, I'm not sure if having this entire 
conversation from IRC really adds anything to your earlier request that 
couldn't be said in a sentence or two.

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