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Debra Wilson d.l.wilson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 21:41:01 GMT 2007

Hi all

I'm new to the list, but was told this is a good place to start.

I am trying to implement a full-page calendar into my WP site. I want it to
contain events I add (past, current, future), but I do not want it to show
any posting activity.

http://www.fahlstad.se/wp-plugins/wp-cal/ is one I like the looks of. This
one (though not a WP site) http://www.826valencia.org/events/2007_02 has a
nice look too, though I really like the former with the current day's items
listed to one side.

However, when I tried to install the former, I ran into a problem. I created
a page, as it said to, and entered the call for the calendar. Saved the
page, and was presented with a blank page. I entered the call both by just
typing it in, and by hitting the "html" button in the editor and putting in
there as well. And yes, the plug-in was installed and activated.

It showed up in my options page, and I could edit it, but since you add
events through the actual page as it shows on the site, I couldn't add to it
if I wanted to.

I am using WP 2.0.7.

Any ideas? It's all located here - http://tragicbeautiful.com/ .

Debra Wilson
Billy-Bob's Boers - Lancaster, CA 93536
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