[wp-hackers] Nonces, Siteurl and TinyMCE

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Sun Feb 11 01:02:08 GMT 2007

>> 2: Siteurl
>> If a user has set up WP as 'www.example.com/wordpress' but has
>> redirected to the root so that  '/wordpress' does not form part of
>> the url, the option setting 'siteurl' includes the /wordpress folder.
>> If I want to get at the actual url the site uses is it 'wpurl' or
>> 'home'? I think its 'home' but I'm not sure. Sadly, I can't set up a
>> quick test at the moment and need to know quickly!
> It's 'home'

Thanks Robin. It's what I thought but nice to have confirmation. It  
seems to be one that doesn't get a mention in the codex - at least as  
far as i could see.

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