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Angsuman Chakraborty angsuman at taragana.com
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> I  really don't think 2 billion is anything we need to worry about for

I heard that before in an enterprise software startup I was part of (it was
successful and is now part of GE in case you are interested). We hit the 2
billion mark way sooner than expected because id's were being allocated in
batches (similiar to ip address problem) and lots of unused id's were left
in the middle. Anyway the point I am trying to drive home is that
wordpress.com, rather than any individual blog, may reach the limit
reasonably soon. Also I don't know if id's are reused, I don't think it is.

My two cents...
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On Jan 30, 2007, at 6:54 PM, Charles Hooper wrote:

> What's the maximum number of users Wordpress intends to support?
> User IDs in wp_users are stored as BIGINT(20), however while
> messing about with the caching functions I noticed that get_userdata
> () casts the supplied ID to an integer, making ~2 billion the
> maximum number of users possible that Wordpress can handle.

WordPress 2.0.x can't handle much more than 800-1000 users because of
the way wp-admin/users.php loads them all onto the same page (you run
out of memory at this point).  2.1 fixes that and it can scale to at
least 10,000, but I honestly have no idea what the ceiling is now.  I
really don't think 2 billion is anything we need to worry about for now.

Mark Jaquith

Covered Web Services

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