[wp-hackers] Broken Pingbacks (due to custom URLs?)

Alex King lists at alexking.org
Thu Feb 1 17:01:13 GMT 2007

One of the things I did on my site when I combined 2 WordPress  
installs into a single database was add some artificial URL elements  
(based on categories) to maintain the illusion of 2 different blogs  
but get the benefits of having everything in a single database.

For example:




I got everything working as I wanted to using the parse_query and  
permalink hooks, however pingbacks are broken on all of these pages.  
I've done some testing and attempted to strip out the extra URL  
elements in the XMLRPC before the ping code kicks in, but I've been  

Is there anyone out there that knows the pingback code well that  
might be willing to help me out? I believe the main things I need to  
do are:

1. Make sure WP knows what post is receiving the ping
2. Make sure that the validation check (seeing that a link is indeed  
on the linking page) is happy when it sees the URL with the  
additional URL elements in it.

I'll be happy to meet folks in IRC or on IM if e-mail isn't a  
suitable medium for help you're willing to provide.

Additionally, does anyone have a 'pingback sender' test script for  
use in testing like this?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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Business   http://kingdesign.net

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