[wp-hackers] Rewrite hacking/recreation

Alex King lists at alexking.org
Thu Feb 1 15:39:14 GMT 2007

I will renew my proposal for a GET variable to be set. If that is  
set, then WP falls back on "non fancy permalink" handling and looks  
at the GET variables directly. This allows custom rewrite rules to  
work as the person intended without having to figure out all of the  
places in the Query object that need to be set/overridden/etc.

Tip for Eric, change the permissions of your .htaccess file so that  
WP can't write to it.


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On Feb 1, 2007, at 8:18 AM, Eric A. Meyer wrote:

>> Yes, especially since modifying core code is a really bad idea.
>    I'm assuming the "yes" is in response to my suggestion that a  
> hook or option be created.  I would certainly love to see that  
> happen, because believe me, I'm not at all happy about modifying a  
> core file. It will clearly make future upgrading a much bigger pain  
> in the neck, which will make me less likely to do it, which is bad.

>    I think that having a simple way to bypass WP's code in this  
> area (both rewriting and 404-type error handling) would be good  
> enough for cases like mine.

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