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Sun Dec 30 22:04:19 GMT 2007

>if somebody DOES have a print.css working with sandbox,
>though, it's not too late to send it my way 

veryplaintxt is based on Sandbox and it has a print.css
You might be able to start with that.

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On Dec 29, 2007 5:06 PM, Doug Smith <doug at smithsrus.com> wrote:
> I figure that if someone is capable of editing a css file, they're
> also capable of adding a line in the theme header. So why bother with
> the extra overhead of a plugin? Besides, it really is a theme specific
> issue because you are typically turning off the printing of particular
> items, and that depends on how they are constructed and named in the
> theme.

quite true. however:

I'm trying to move all my mods out of the theme. Too annoying when
there are theme updates and you have a dozen or so small changes to
make again and again -- bound to forget one.

Also, my idea is to provide a css print file which works with Sandbox
well. People with no CSS skills, but who want their sandbox-based blog
to look OK in print could use it. If I need to create the css file
myself, I can do it without any trouble, but I'd rather not reinvent
the wheel.

I think I'm more or less sorted out regarding this problem. wp-head to
insert the link, and I've got a few ressources to do the css.

thanks (if somebody DOES have a print.css working with sandbox,
though, it's not too late to send it my way -- probably won't be
working on this before Monday).

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