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Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Fri Dec 28 19:38:49 GMT 2007

No, I started on the End User Guide, since it is easier and can be 
finished before version 2.4 is released. The full extent is essentially 
what amounts to an outline. If you are writing an Developers Guide, then 
I think our goals can be combined to complete both versions. If you 
continue to write your WordPress Manual for Developers in whatever 
language, then someone will most likely translate it into English later 
(depending on what license you use).

If you wish to translate the completed English WordPress Manual for 
Users to Italian, or what would amount to translating choice sections of 
the codex to Italian, then I think it would serve both of our purposes. 
After I complete the WordPress User Guide, I can contribute to your 
project with sections for Plugins, hooks, and a tiny portion on 
Taxonomy. What I know about the Cron and Taxonomy API is very little and 
most of it came from those who experienced it already. However, if you 
have some information it might give more motivation to others who do 
know more about those two complex topics to contribute more towards 
their completion.

My main course of study when working with WordPress has been the Plugin 
API, so I have a lot of focus geared towards that. There are already 
more than a few articles on the codex detailing the Plugin API, but not 
quite enough fine details to place in a Developers Manual. There are 
projects that list many of the WordPress action and filter hooks, 
however I'm not sure those projects are current and I'm unsure what 
license that site has listed the hooks under. It would be better I think 
to write the hooks from the perspective of an manual and not from the 
specification viewpoint. That is, if you choose to write the hooks in, 
there are probably more than 100 hooks, just from WordPress versions <2.2.

I think perhaps also, I'm going to join the wp-docs mailing list and 
write to that mailing list what I have finished over the weekend and 
where the repository will be, and how people can contribute.

I do have a question. Are you planning on writing the Developer's Manual 
in English and Italian or just English or just Italian? If you are 
writing it in Italian then I could run it through babelfish and edit the 
contents to make sense, but it would be much better if someone who knows 
Italian and English translated it either way. I suppose my issue, is 
that I barely know English so attempting to edit something through 
babelfish probably wouldn't turn out as well as I wanted.

Francesco Corsentino wrote:
> Ok, dear Jacob. I'm writing articles (about internet, about 
> programming, about web design, ...) for Programmazione.it, and I had 
> an idea two weeks ago: writing a Wordpress Manual for Developers (in 
> Italian, in particular) but ... your project is public? Can I view 
> your drafts? Can I contribute or rectify? Or, simply, tranlate your 
> drafts in Italian? I think: "why recreate a wheel?".

I'm happy someone else has the same goals as me. So good luck with your 
project and hopefully you see it to completion. If you have it in 
English, then I'll look you up on the wp-doc mailing list after I finish 
the End User Guide, which won't be done this weekend or probably next 
week either. I also might get bored and start back writing low level 
source documentation. Oh yeah, I had an epiphany while looking at the 
Taxonomy scheme and it appears that some of the source documentation 
could use some clarity.


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