[wp-hackers] Decision time in re: admin rework

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 19:23:19 GMT 2007

Howdy all,
As we all know, the end of 2007 is rapidly approaching, with January
24th right behind.  With just a hair more than a month to go, does it
still make sense to pursue the admin rework/Happy Cog contributions as
a 2.4 goal?

I personally do not feel that a radical rework such as the one that
has been hinted at is something that can have all its glitches, bugs,
etc. shaken out in a single month.

I'm also of the opinion that trunk currently exemplifies the
culmination of WordPress, particularly in terms of security (see:
login cookie rework). I'd therefore be hesitant to recommend letting
the whole release slip.

Therefore, I'd like to suggest that the HC/rework code be left out,
but then placed in almost IMMEDIATELY following the 2.4 release so
that all bugs and pitfalls can be sussed out by the community prior to
a 2.5 release.




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