[wp-hackers] Re: Unanswered tickets

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Thu Dec 20 18:06:22 GMT 2007

On 20 Dec 2007, at 17:59, Stephen Rider wrote:

> On Dec 20, 2007, at 10:46 AM, James Davis wrote:
>> I don't think that simply posting a plain list of tickets you  
>> think need action is not likely to solicit the results you're  
>> looking for. Instead try to think why tickets have seen little  
>> action.
>> As an example you listed #2648 which is a patch to a file that no  
>> longer exists. I think that one could quite easily be resolved.
> I think resolving it is the point.  If it's such a slam dunk, why  
> is it still in Trac?  (Okay, I see that it was just resolved  
> _today_ which kind of makes the point of having drawn attention to  
> it.)
> At the least, things should be marked "Ain't gonna", "Obsolete",  
> "Waiting for TinyMCE update", or whatever.  Right now many of them  
> are "Waiting for Godot" -- hanging in limbo -- which gives the  
> people volunteering their efforts the impression that they're  
> efforts are ignored, which is not good for the future of WordPress.
> I've had a particular patch in for months now.  It would be nice to  
> see _some_ indication of whether anybody is even considering it.   
> Obviously it's not all going to be decided a day after submission,  
> but six months later there ought to be _something_.

Which ticket are your referring to? Context is useful is resolving  
these issues.

> I do not mean to insult any of the "higher ups" at WordPress.   
> Obviously there are a _ton_ of bugs submitted, and a lot of  
> patches, and it's a lot to slog through.  But when somebody takes  
> the time to write a patch, somebody, somewhere, should give some  
> feedback -- yes, this might be used/no it's crap/it needs work/ 
> whatever.

I try and respond to things as they come in - i spend a long time  
churning through the emails that are sent to the wp-trac list and try  
and respond to tickets.

If you want feedback on something feel free to assign it to me and It  
will be higher on my radar.

I know the frustration of watching ones patches sit in trac for  
months - I've been there and I am trying to resolve the issue by  
getting things committed!


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