[wp-hackers] Re: Unanswered tickets

James Davis james at freecharity.org.uk
Thu Dec 20 18:04:32 GMT 2007

spencerp wrote:

> I'm not taking it personal. =) I posted the ticket urls in an attempt to
> get something done with them quicker. (Either; commit it, or forget it
> wise)  I know you all check Trac if you want to work on something
> specific and etc. But for example: #2648 .... would/could sit there for
> weeks more, or maybe even bumped to another version by accident, or
> something... when really it could just be deleted NOW... not later... 

Nothing is stopping you. If you find a ticket that can be clearly be
resolved without a developer's attention and any dispute, then do so
(making sure you state your reasoning in the ticket). The worst that can
happen is someone will reopen the ticket which should lead to a
constructive discussion. :-)


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