[wp-hackers] Re: Unanswered tickets

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 17:04:45 GMT 2007

James Davis wrote:
> spencerp wrote:
>> Just went through the above following tickets, alot of these are OLD
>> ones, some have patches just waiting to be committed, some need further
>> deciding on what to do with them, and etc... Figured I'd point these out
>> in here, rather than posting comments on all of them lol! =P
> I'm sorry if this comes across being directed personally at you but
> those of us who are interested in working on old bugs, writing and
> testing patches know how to find them in trac if we wish.
> My thoughts don't count for much but I don't think that simply posting a
> plain list of tickets you think need action is not likely to solicit the
> results you're looking for. Instead try to think why tickets have seen
> little action.
> As an example you listed #2648 which is a patch to a file that no longer
> exists. I think that one could quite easily be resolved.

I'm not taking it personal. =) I posted the ticket urls in an attempt to 
get something done with them quicker. (Either; commit it, or forget it 
wise)  I know you all check Trac if you want to work on something 
specific and etc. But for example: #2648 .... would/could sit there for 
weeks more, or maybe even bumped to another version by accident, or 
something... when really it could just be deleted NOW... not later... I 
also went through the tickets, seen the comments and etc as well. I know 
what was discussed in them, I know their status and state. Few of them 
are awaiting for Happy Cog redesign. Few of them ha ve patches to files 
that no longer exist or their file names were changed, or they just 
basically irrelevant... The plain list isn't to piss people off, but to 
help bring attention to the "junk in the trunk" to help get it done 
soon, or have it removed soon because it's "junk"...

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