[wp-hackers] Update options referrer incorrect on IIS?

Derek Hogue derek at amphibian.info
Thu Dec 13 02:46:39 GMT 2007

Hey all,

I'm having an odd problem with my plugin on IIS, maybe someone can  
clue me in.  My plugin adds a top-level menu, with several sub-pages.   
One of them is an options page.  As per the codex docs, my form points  
to options.php, with the nonce field.  In all my testing, this works  
great - updates options, and redirects back to my plugin's options  
page with my query string.

But it seems on IIS (or on one particular user's WP install on IIS  
anyway), the referrer that I assume options.php is using to know where  
to redirect to is stripping the "admin.php" from the url, so instead  
of going back to where it should:


It's sending this user to:


I've had him disable all other plugins, still no dice.  Anyone  
encountered this problem?


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