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Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Thu Dec 13 00:53:44 GMT 2007

Matt wrote:
> On Dec 12, 2007 1:38 PM, Joost de Valk <joost at joostdevalk.nl> wrote:
>> in that case, 2.9.1 would be a small improvement on 2.9, whereas 2.10
>> would be an improvement of 2, subtle difference :)
> 2.10 is the same as 2.1...
I agree.

The point is that it would make sense if they started with 2.01.0 
instead. It bothers me when version schemes go: 1.0(0)... 1.1(0) ... 
1.2(0) ... 1.3(0) ... 1.4(0) ... 1.9(0) ... 1.10, which is how I think 
of it. So we are going back to 1.10? We were already there! D Language 
had the same scheme and some people went crazy also.

If you know ahead of time, and are planning to increment to that stage, 
then I would think starting at 1.01 makes more sense from my perspective 
of how numbering works. It seems unnatural therefore it would take a 
while to get used to the new scheme.

However, I was also kidding. I have no problem with D using it, 
therefore I have no problem with WordPress or X number of other 
applications. To me it just seems like they are arbitrary bumping the 
number to seem like they have advanced more than they really have.

When you use the scheme, Major.Minor.Revision, it appears better, 
because the brain won't get it confused with decimal math system. 1.0.0 
tells me that I'm looking at a version number, 1.10.0 does not bother me 
as much because of the many other projects that used this system. It is 
entirely a mental argument so it goes along with coding standards. If 
you decide beforehand that you are going to not bump the major version 
just because you reach #.9 without any major architecture change, then 
I'm all for it. However, if you've decided to go 9 minor versions 
without plans on the next 3.0 release, then that doesn't seem too 

Deciding whether to bump the next Major version doesn't require major 
architecture changes. It makes more sense to do so, but if everyone 
decides that the 2.x branch has matured enough, then you can bump to the 
next version based on stability and not based on new features. Hell, by 
the time that happens it would be about 18 months. I would think that 
within that time, WordPress would be stable enough to bump to the next 
major version.  I would rather major versions be bumped based on 
stability and not features, because that says that 3.0 will be unstable 
for a while.

We could argue this forever. PHP uses Major.MinorRevision, which makes a 
lot more sense. 1.1 ... 1.11 ... 1.2 ... 1.22 ... 1.33 ... 1.44 ..1.99 
... 1.100. However, PHP has not yet gotten to the point where it had 
more than a 5 Minor Revision or at least with Major versions 4 and 5.

I also dislike, while we are still on the subject, the Linux scheme of 
odd minor versions being development versions and even being stable 
versions. It makes since, totally. However, it takes a while to get used 
to it. When it do, it appears much better because you automatically know 
that 1.1 is beta and 1.2 is stable. If you looked and seen a version 
like 3.3, you would know that it is unstable and you should wait until 
3.4 comes out. Not many people follow this, and because it isn't 
universal it is frustrating.

No, I don't find WordPress 2.0.10 offensive because of the above. Also, 
no I won't kill myself if WordPress team ever decides to release a 2.10 
version. Or least I'll be over it by the time 2.11 comes out.

Jacob Santos


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