[wp-hackers] Updating Codex to newer MediaWiki version

Ryan McCue ryanmccue at cubegames.net
Tue Dec 11 02:10:12 GMT 2007

Also to note is that you'll need PHP 5 for 1.11.0, so you may have to 
take the codex down while you switch.

Ryan McCue wrote:
> Barry Abrahamson wrote:
>> On Dec 10, 2007, at 5:25 PM, Ryan McCue wrote:
>> This is actually already on my list of things to do before the end of 
>> the year.
>> -- 
>> Barry Abrahamson | Systems Wrangler | Automattic
>> Blog: http://barry.wordpress.com
> Well, I just got a list of file differences. I extracted MW 1.11.0 
> over the top of 1.4.8 and did a comparison to the normal 1.11.0 
> installation. Attached are all the old files to delete in a text file.
> I can also export a tab-delimited file, HTML, XML or tab-separated 
> list if you want.
> Ryan.

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