[wp-hackers] Class/Function/Variable overview

Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Mon Dec 10 06:33:14 GMT 2007

Pixline wrote:
>>> Ozh did this already.
>>> http://planetozh.com/projects/wordpress-functions-history/table_light.html 
>> Cheers for that :)
>> I was hoping someone had done it (But the last version of that i 
>> remember was simply an image -- and i'd not have had a clue where it 
>> was posted :))
> Maybe we can 'make public' all this stuff in a way or another, via 
> codex or something else.
> I'm realizing is really hard to keep track of all this useful things 
> for me, and I guess I'm not the only one..
> Or I'm missing *even* this part, and they are already listed there? :-)
> p.
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Well, a link, I'm not sure where you'll put it. Probably on the Function 
Reference page. However, I just as well bookmarked the page. I'm mostly 
using it for the @since phpdoc tags (I'm not sure if Ozh won't kick my 
ass over that).


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