[wp-hackers] Bug Rot

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 10:59:17 GMT 2007

The whole thing with past tickets keep getting bumped up to the next 
version, and then getting yet another bump to a later version is...

a) They went with a time frame release schedule. They see all those 
tickets and think "Crap, look at all that stuff there. Most of it isn't 
THAT important, let's bump it to next version." Then once starting on 
the next version, it's just a repeat of the previous one. They get 
bumped again. Before ya know it, they don't have the "time" anymore to 
apply all those "past tickets" into the current version they're working 
on. OR, most of those aren't relevant to that current version they're 
working on.

b) The whole "more is better" is also there. They want to slap in this 
and that, or this and that other thing as well. Then, they have to work 
in, or around those "past tickets" that kept getting bumped from version 
to version for those new "this and thats". Example: Happy Cog is coming 
soon. I'm sure they're racking their brains trying to figure out, what 
was applied before, what will need applied this time to have Happy Cog 
"fit" around.

c) Theres only a few SVN commit folk. Between "business" life and 
personal life, it's probably hard to just be there committing (knocking 
out) tickets 24-7, only to keep getting reports on wp-testers that those 
commits gave problems and then try and find ANOTHER work-around for it all.

d) Maybe they just don't like the patch submitter. Perhaps they don't 
like the person's personality and or their website looks crappy. "Hey, 
this guy looks, sounds, and acts like a Walmart greeter, lets not submit 
his patches... "

e) "Yawn, look at all those tickets. Hey, who wants to get drunk and 
play WoW tonight?!?!?"

f) They're not drinking the "right" alcoholic beverages.

g) They're are enough coders/submitters and not enough testers. BUT! 
I've been running Trunk for the longest time, and there hasn't been much 
WRONG in a long time. Besides, can't really "test" anything if there's 
not much committed to start with. "Wow, they committed three things 
tonight and nothing is wrong. Let's report that nothing is wrong, 
because we're bored waiting for more commits to test."

h) All those tickets SEEM simple, so lets just hold them for near 
Release date. Release date comes near, they go commit happy and it turns 
out to be more of a head-ache then they thought. Ooops! Let's rethink 
this people! Beep! Beep! Alert! Emergency mode people! Retract from 
Trunk, or pack more junk in the trunk!?

i) Who cares about all that stuff now!? It should all be committed by 
Version 10.X. And who knows, maybe 90% of it can be deleted by 2.4.X or 

** This IS packed with sarcasm and such. It's not really meant to be 
taken seriously. So please No offense people. **

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