[wp-hackers] Updating Codex to newer MediaWiki version

Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Sat Dec 8 19:20:32 GMT 2007

Bull3t wrote:
> Updating PHP is not hard at all and updating MediaWiki is even easier,
> although I think that the Wiki the Codex uses currently needs to be
> drastically re-thought, it is useless and the search is crap. You even find
> pages that have not been created while searching. Hence why I never use the
> Codex for help, it is useless! Needs to be re-thought in my opinion.
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Would you help with a WordPress DocBook? I think the reason several 
things are difficult to find are because they aren't indexed. I'm not 
sure about the author's copyright on information written for the codex, 
but if someone wrote it in a DocBook style format, it might go far to 
further educate those who are new to WordPress. Interesting yes, but it 
would be quite a long and extremely time consuming process. Even though 
most of the information is probably on the codex now.

I think the best part of a DocBook, is that you can have versions for 
each WordPress that is released. It isn't like you are going to have to 
rewrite the entire book for each new release, just add and revise parts. 
The difference between the wiki and docbook, is that you can keep the 
versions visible. I think it would be nice, but I'm not planning to 
start it and while it would be nice for end users, I'm not an end user 
and luckily, WordPress is easy enough to pick up through plain usage.

As for the Wiki? I wouldn't be able to find anything better that could 
replace it.

Just pretty much throwing the docbook idea out there.


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