[wp-hackers] making the code editor the default view

James Davis james at freecharity.org.uk
Fri Dec 7 11:10:22 GMT 2007

Jeremy Clarke wrote:

> Even though the plugin itself is GPL (i think) putting Akismet
> directly into WP would be a bit of a slag to the  hardcore Free
> Software people who would rather run their own setup completely using
> open code. Not sure if that's what bob was getting at, but it's
> another valid reason to both consider Akismet not free and to keep
> Akismet out of core Wordpress.

That's not really a fair point. WordPress also includes the ability to
talk POP3 to mail servers, many of which are non-free but we don't
believe this makes WordPress any less free.

I'm not that familiar with Akismet and it's plugin but I presume that
the plugin itself is enough documentation to implement a GPL 'Akismet'
server if you wished.


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