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Fri Dec 7 01:54:05 GMT 2007

> Why don't you just use the Registry Pattern[1]? Which is what you did, but
> I would hate you forever if I seen that code in production.

After some contemplation, I realized you were kidding. Coincidently, I was
likewise kidding in my original post.

> 5. I'm not exactly sure you can use variable variables with super globals
> (*wonders if $GLOBALS is actually a super global*). However did you test
> your code? If so, then I learned something new today.

After some further contemplation, I realized that this (#5) is incorrect.
You should be able to do what you did in your code.

> [1] http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5384 - See my patch

Okay, I didn't actually submit a patch, but a mock up is in one of my

I also realized that you are in fact the author (I would guess) of the
ticket, which then means you are, sarcastically, trying to motivate
support for the ticket.

Once I realized that, before I first hit the submit button in the first
email, it appears quite humorous, but I couldn't help but point out the

Jacob Santos

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