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Bob wp-hackers at nj-arp.org
Fri Dec 7 01:00:02 GMT 2007

See http://akismet.com/buy/non-profit/
And our organization doesn't qualify for the half-price or free options.  We 
have to pay full price, which is $50/month or $550/year.

As far as it being slower, if it was part of the core and loaded every time 
someone looked at the blog, the blog would be slower.  As a plugin, I can 
delete it and never even have to think about it.

[rant] Note that big non-profits that pay their executives 6-figure salaries 
get to use Akismet for free.  But a small _volunteer_ group, on a shoestring 
budget, like ours has to pay $550/year for Akismet. [/rant]

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Bob wrote:
> -1.  Akismet is not free, so I don't use it.

Wait, not free? I don't remember paying anything for it... Or am I
missing something here? I haven't had booze or anything for near two
years now, so I know for sure I wasn't drunk and shelled out money for

> I even deleted the folder
> (along with hello.php).  I wouldn't want it to be part of the core, where 
> it
> would waste memory and time even if I don't use it.  I need WordPress to 
> be
> faster, not slower.

I didn't notice my blog being slower because of "it". I can't delete
those things because I'm on SVN. Even IF I did delete it, it would come
back again when I went to do a "svn up"... so, it just sits there sigh.
But yeah, I don't notice the blog being slower because of "it".. :P

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