[wp-hackers] making the code editor the default view

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Thu Dec 6 20:31:45 GMT 2007

Thinking of the most (99.9%?) users that can't/won't code html by hand 
and their surprise when they see a plain textarea instead of an editor...

TinyMCE has pretty good cleanup functions considering the alternatives, 
and large part of wpautop is in there too (in the "wordpress" plugin). 
It is HTML 4.01 Transitional by default, but that can be changed to 
almost XHTML 1.0 by adding "inline_styles : true" to the config.

Also their version 3.0 that has lots of improvements seems to be coming 
along well and probably will make it into WordPress in the second half 
of next year.

It's also pretty easy to disable it too: just add 
wp_deregister_script('wp_tiny_mce'); and it's gone.

Otto wrote:
> My opinion is that TinyMCE should be removed from the core entirely,
> and into a plugin instead. It can be a default packaged plugin if you
> like, but making it a plugin would make it easier for other plugins to
> replace the editor. Competition breeds improvement, and TinyMCE in
> WordPress is in desperate need of improvement.

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