[wp-hackers] Xinha: TinyMCE Alternative

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Thu Dec 6 07:51:02 GMT 2007

I once more refer everyone on this list to the best (IMHO....) TinyMCE
alternative out there: Xinha.

Only shame is no Opera support, but it's _beautiful_ (code and looks),
_light_, and standards-compatible. 

WordPress plugin already exists:

I write posts in WLW now, but in the past Xinha has served me well. I'm
currently using it for the commenting interface on my site, and my readers
seem to like it as well :)

You can see it in action at
http://neosmart.net/blog/2007/vistas-purple-screen-of-death/ (works in IE6+
and all FF). 


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How about a check that looks through content submitted viacode view,

if it notices known T.MCE issues either give a warning and/or (idealy) an
option to disable rich editing until the post is published and/or
(super-idealy) setting it as a default setting for this post/page. Me
thinks would make WordPress much more viable as a CMS and take it a step
beyond the competition. ( I may be wrong about this but I haven't noticed
nearly as manny issues with T.MCE in e.g. Joomla (it is T.MCE in there
isn't it?) so I don't think the issues relate *just* to T.MCE )

- and probably do something similar before a post is opened via T.MCE

> However, the support forums are rife with TinyMCE related problems.
> Basically, if you try to do anything more with it than text + anchor
> links + img tags, you can be virtually certain that it will screw it
> up somehow. It just completely screws with your carefully crafted HTML

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