[wp-hackers] Problems with interface.js under country proxy

Vinicius Provenzano viniciusxp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 22:53:01 GMT 2007

Hello all,

I' m no coder, but I had to make a hack to get wordpress widgets drag
and drop working on my enviroment.

At first I thought my blog was broken, maybe by a plugin or upgrade.
Then, while in the US in vacation, it started workihng again. When I
came back drag and drop got messed again and I noticed that it also
happened with wordpress.com blogs.

After a lot of searching, backups, reinstalling, #wordpress, etc...
I've found the problem and I was able to fix it (I hope without
creating further problems)...

Right now I' m working in Tunisia, and all Internet traffic pass by a
transparent proxy that blocks all kind of content considered to be
inappropriate by the government. We can' t see the proxy, it's not
browser configured, it is at country's backbone.

Probably there is a misconfiguration somewhere, and when my browser
tries to load interface.js on the url:


It gets the 404 error.

If I try:


It shows properly the interface.js sourcefile.

So I make a little editing on script-loader.php, on line 77:

		$this->add( 'interface', '/wp-includes/js/jquery/interface.js',
array('jquery'), '1.2');


		$this->add( 'interface', '/wp-includes/js/jquery/interface.js',
array('jquery'), '');

The url it loads now is:


and since the proxy does not block it,  I got drag and drop working again.

Do you think this "hack" will create me problems elsewhere?


Vinicius Provenzano

Vinícius Provenzano

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