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Hi all,

The following wordpress related project was created on Cofundos.org (a platform for describing open-source project ideas and pooling resources for their implementation):

*Sinapsi. A semantic WordPress* by lorenzodetomasi
Tags: MySQL PHP Calendar Plugin Atom RSS wordpress semantic blog content_management_system cms geolocation events news tag geo_rss xhtml strict microformats xforms Creative_Commons

Project description: A social/semantic evolution of WordPress platform. 

	multidimensional (faceted) classification interface that fully adopt categories potentialities, as in facetmap demo;
	dynamic admin interface based on Xforms;
	full support of Microformats;
	default license selector for the whole site, based on Creative Commons WpLicense;

	license selector for each post and page that overrides the default license;
	detailed semantic description of authors (persons, individuals), based on Microformats hcard and hresume, published on personal pages with curriculums;
	detailed semantic description of works (resources),  and author’s portfolios;
	detailed semantic description of groups (associations, companies, teams etc.);
	detailed semantic description of persongroup relationships, that integrates actual xfn
	event semantic description based on the next new version of iCal and event calendar based on Microformats hcal;
	multiple languages plugin that affects the whole interface (header, footer, pages,  templates, categories, calendar etc.);
	language markup based on Iso standard;
	different external and internal links management, like Wikipedia and Plone (i.e. W3C and [p=9]);
	general social digging page template, for all posts;
	category related social digging page template, for specific category/ies;
	integrated facetag support;
	integrated geolocation for each post, based on GeoPress;
	dynamic post quotation (total or partial,  or ) with xhtml code includes and Ajax;
	xhtml strict + css validated code.


	We’ll try to use existing WP templates, plugins and widgets, modifying them if necessary and releasing a semantic version (i.e. geolocation->wikimap, locallinks->wordpress wiki, events->EventCalendar3, Semantic MediaWiki,  SemanticForms).
	We’ll use WordPress custom fields and some markup to enter attributes and relations directly into text. These attributes are then stored as custom values and can also be viewed, changed, made as such.
	We can display a rdf box below each post, using the attributes and relations defined within the post. Also all standard wordpress information (author date etc.) can be used in this rdf.
	We’ll make an interface for these custom value relations and attributes that resides in the edit-post page. This interface would be more informative and easier to understand than the (coded) custom value pairs.
	We’ll implement a way of listing posts using attributes and relations (queries) and a way of searching using these semantics.

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