[wp-hackers] [OT] Willing to share a dedicated box with another peep

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Mon Dec 3 17:33:51 GMT 2007

Hello there

Please forgive this off-topic thread, but this list is just a place
where I "know" and trust a few people :)

I'm currently renting a dedicated box which is not too bad and pretty cheap:
- 2 GHz CPU
- 160 GB of storage
- 1 GB of RAM
- unmetered 100MB line
- 36 euros (about $53) a month.
- The box provider is a very well known, serious & established French
ISP (Free, 2nd largest ISP in France) and the offer (dedibox.fr) is
only available to French residents (no clue why, but it is)

I'm looking for someone to share this dedicated box with. This person
would be Linux fluent enough to set up, configure, maintain &
troubleshoot if needed the basic services needed (Apache, MySQL,
FastCGI, PHP, FTP). I know a thing or two about server management, I
rather comfortable with the SSH shell, but I'm not just self confident
enough to go totally on my own, hence the leet skilled buddy hunting.
The site would end up running my main WP blog, a couple of low traffic
WP blogs, and your stuff as well.

You won't want to pollute the list with off topic replies, but feel
free to mail me for more details & stuff.

Looking forward to reading from you !


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