[wp-hackers] What is up with Akismet?

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 11:18:17 GMT 2007

In the last few weeks, I have received between one and three comment
notification emails _per_day_ from my WordPress blog informing me of
new comments on my blog, but all of them have turned out to be spam.
That's about 20 comments in the last couple of weeks Akismet has

Has anyone else been encountering this? Since 2005, Akismet has been
flawless -- it's only started going awry lately.

I know Akismet is working -- it still catches around 20 spam comments
a day, but one or two get through. Perhaps spammers have been abusing
the Akismet API by submitting spam as ham to confuse the bayesian

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