[wp-hackers] making the code editor the default view

Johannes Ruthenberg johannes at bolarus.de
Sun Dec 2 22:17:08 GMT 2007


Bull3t wrote on 01.12.2007 14:12:
> Where would be the point in that? If you want the default view to be code,
> why not just disable TinyMCE and/or just hit the button every time? I don't
> understand...

I'm sure there are a few scenarios for using both editors. I myself like 
to use the code view most of the time, because it's easier and faster. 
But I switch to the visual editor when I insert an image for the simple 
and somewhat ridiculous reason that in the code view the image gets 
inserted as <img src='...'> (as opposed to <img src="...">). Well, it's 
my blog and valid or not, I don't like the single quotes in the HTML. 
;-) Switching between the editors is usually faster than changing the 
quotes manually.

John Blackbourn wrote on 01.12.2007 16:20:
> Find the JavaScript function that is called when you click on the
> 'code' tab. Write a plugin that calls that function when the post
> writing screen finishes loading, which should make the editor switch
> to code view, still leaving the visual tab available.

Thanks for the idea. That would most probably work. But what bothers me 
a little bit about the visual editor is the time it takes to load. I'd 
like that to be reduced, and switching to the code view with a 
JavaScript function wouldn't help from this point of view. ;-)

Matt Mullenweg wrote on 02.12.2007 08:26:
> I disagree, I think it should just remember where you last left it, and start there.
> Opened 9 months ago:
> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3978

That sounds like a great idea. I certainly wouldn't care if I could make 
the code view the default or if WordPress just remembers where I last 
left it. So, what would we need to do to move this along for one of the 
next versions? I'm kinda new to WordPress and not really sure I could do 
this myself. *g* Would be willing to help, though, if that's possible.



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