[wp-hackers] Sharing Users/authentication

Chris Lott chris.lott at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 18:30:32 GMT 2007

The new version has resolved almost all of the problems... there was a
bit of a snafu because the slave blog is accessing the master blog
tables using the slave blog's credentials (mysql user), but once I
gave that user permission to access the master blog tables it seems
fine... BUT, the logout problem remains. In the master blog I can't
log out of the admin interface. I can from the slave blog control
panel though...


On 8/30/07, Stephen Rider <wp-hackers at striderweb.com> wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2007, at 4:44 PM, Chris Lott wrote:
> > So, I cleared everything out (de-activated plugin, deleted rows from
> > wp_options, copied fresh plugin files) and tried again and here is
> > what is happening... slightly different now.
> Did you also clear the extra data out of the user_meta table?
> > Starting with two blogs without the plugin. I install the plugin on
> > the first (master) blog. Activate it. No errors. When I look at the
> > options it is showing the right database and prefix.
> So far so good.
> > Note: I can't logout of that blog, though... when I try to sign out
> > I just get
> > redirected to the same page in the control panel area I am on.
> That suggests to me that you have some problem that is unrelated to
> this plugin.  Nothing I know of in this plugin should prevent you
> from logging out.
> Deactivate the plugin in both blogs, and see if the logout problem is
> still there.
> Actually, first just clear your cache and see what happens. :)
> > At this point I see only one entry in the wp_options table.
> >
> > Go to second (slave) blog. Activate plugin. Go to options, put in
> > database name (it is a diff database) and prefix (which is the same).
> > No errors. I can sign out.
> I suspected this might be the case.  I emailed the plugin author
> separately asking just this a few minutes ago.  Is the login/password
> the same or different on the two databases?
> WAIT! I've got it!  The two have to have different prefixes.  Right
> now they both think they are the master blog.  This is a bug.
> (Though I'm still quite sure the "can't logout" problem is something
> unrelated to this plugin.)
> Hey Curt -- if you're reading this, my "auto detect Master/Slave"
> suggestion just hit a snag!  :0  Maybe test for both prefix _and_
> database name?
> Stephen
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