[wp-hackers] Asides Question

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Aug 31 14:30:47 GMT 2007

Christopher Windsor wrote:
> I'm using Matt's Asides and want to know if it is possible to make it so any
> posts to the asides category could be made to not count against my 7 posts a
> page setting in the options?
> I want to maintain my 7 posts a page setting and not have to worry about
> filling my front page with 7 asides. I don't want to run the asides in the
> sidebar. I like the idea of a quick little post for links.
> So is this something that can be achieved either by a plugin or by hacking?

Use a plugin. This article has a section on "category exclusion" that 
I think does exactly what you are looking for:



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