[wp-hackers] Tag functionality questions

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Thu Aug 30 16:52:43 GMT 2007

I am testing the new tag functionality and trying to figure out how to 
work with tags in multilingual blogs.

But before I even get to figuring out a way to work with them 
multilingually, I have a few more basic questions about tag 
functionality in core WP 2.3:

1) It looks like there isn't any admin screen for managing tags -- 
e.g. editing slugs, editing misspellings, deleting tags, etc. Is that 
intentional? Or is it there and I missed something?

2) Is there any built-in functionality for tags besides (a) tagging a 
post on the edit screen and (b) a function to list the tags for a post 
in your Theme? I didn't see a tag cloud, for instance, and I think 
others have mentioned on this list that tags are not part of the RSS 
feed by default?

3) When I added a tag that matched an existing category slug exactly, 
it automatically used the same term for both. Is that intentional? I 
didn't like that behavior, among other things, because it capitalized 
the tag (I want my categories capitalized but I don't think it's 
standard to capitalize tags).

4) Given (I think) the limited (to the point of uselessness, from my 
point of view right now) functionality of the built-in tags in core WP 
2.3, which tag plugins is it supposed to be compatible with?


Jennifer Hodgdon

Poplar ProductivityWare * www.poplarware.com
Web Databases/Scripts * Modeling/Analysis/Palm OS Software

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