[wp-hackers] Sharing Users/authentication

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Thu Aug 30 15:35:10 GMT 2007

> Hey, updated version. I fixed some issues and streamlined the code  
> a bit.

Cleared out all preferences and data from previous beta.

Preferences auto-set for prefix and database. Check
Switched to secondary blog.  _Not_ logged in.  Makes sense.
Logged into secondary blog.  Changed sm2wp prefix to primary.  Check.
Am logged in to both blogs. Check.
Logout/Login affects both blogs.  Check.
Added a user.  Check.
Checked user in other blog.  Awhuh?

Adding a user doesn't work.  The user gets added, but only with a  
meta data for the blog used to add the user.  Under the other blog  
he's listed as "No role for this blog".

On Aug 29, 2007, at 10:22 PM, Curt Woodard wrote:

> I'm still storing the plugin options under... options, but I
> think a better place would be a submenu off of the plugins page, don't
> you?

I would definitely not do that.  Either put it in the generic options  
location (Options menu) or a place specific to what it does (Users  

Personally, my Options menu is so cluttered with extra stuff that  
it's harder to find things.  If I were trying to set up how Users  
work, I would look under the Users menu.  :)

(Then there's Spam Karma, which extra-annoyingly adds its options  
under both "Options" and "Manage", but _not_ "Comments" where it  
would make sense!  Grrrr.....)

RE: The name thing.  Personally, I have no issue with slave/master,  
as it is informative AND is an established terminology with regards  
to technology (e.g. routers).  If you really want to get rid of it,  
you might go with "Primary" and "Secondary".  (or "lead"/"follow", or  
"jedi"/"padawan", or "president"/"vice president", or  
"greatbritaininthe1800s"/"india" or "duck"/"duckling", or  
"parent"/"child" -- ooh, "parent"/"child", that's a good one.)

The name of the plugin, on the other hand, is ambiguous.  Something  
simple like "Shared Users" would be better -- unless you come up with  
something snappy and distinctive, which _might_ be better.  Most  
plugins I see seem to be very simply named, which I like.  When  
looking at my list of installed plugins, I'm not trying to remember  
what "Bob's WowserPlug" does.  ;)


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