[wp-hackers] Adding phpmailer options (smtp for example)

Ozh ozh at planetozh.com
Thu Aug 30 15:03:34 GMT 2007

> I think it should be in the core.

> if email doesn't work for a user, his WordPress is next to useless (he 
> wont get the initial email, and wont be able to request to change the 
> password).

> probably in a section named "Advanced email preferences", with a warning 

> that the user should only change this if he has email problems.

I think the "next to useless" statement is true, however, how many users 
are concerned with email not working on their WP install? I'm not really 
into support forum, but from what I see in #wordpress, it concerns a very 
minority of people.

On the other hand, how many of the vast majority would get confused and 
maybe break their install after tweaking something they don't fully 
understand ?

A Codex page about email troubleshooting, and a link to the plugin if it 
appears to be helpful, seems more reasonable to me. I think core stuff 
should be added when they are useful for (close to) everyone, not fixing 
stuff for just an handful of users.

</my 4 cents>


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