[wp-hackers] Page with only articles from category x.

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Thu Aug 30 14:23:39 GMT 2007

Alex Polite:

> I want all posts from a specific category collected on one page, with
> a sticky post on top. And I want a link for that  page to be displayed
> in the K2 menu just like any other page.

If you work on category or archive template instead of pages, and  
pages instead of posts, my Category Page plugin will help you :-)


It lets you connect a page to one or more category, and have a  
template function to show the page content insteand of "archive of  
category X". This, and some tweaking on your template files, will  
make what you need.

this can have two effects:
- you have link in the k2 menu as categories, as you already have,  
and pages, if you like.
- you have a page content in top instead of a post.

If this can't work for you, I'll happy to figure out a solution and  
include it in a next release.
(disclaimer: plugin can't actually work with 2.3 beta, we are still  
working on it.)


Paolo / Pixline.net coder

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