[wp-hackers] Fixing Bugs

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Tue Aug 28 23:42:57 GMT 2007

Hey Jacob,

Can you point me/us to a URL I can read up on the progress and get  
involved with the testing bits?
I'm busy as hell, but I think its worth the effort, especially if  
there are already people driving such a project.


On Aug 28, 2007, at 12:04, jacobsantos at branson.com wrote:

> I would advise helping with the current documentation and unit  
> testing/characterization testing/functional testing. I could use  
> help and I'm sure the others doing it would like help also. It is  
> happening, but it would go a lot quicker if more people started  
> writing tests for the library.
> Jacob Santos
> Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
>> On 28 Aug 2007, at 01:39, Jeremy Visser wrote:
>>> Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
>>>> The number in bugs in WP has grown steadily over several years,  
>>>> yet the
>>>> number of unfixed ones increasing quicker still. We need a  
>>>> release that
>>>> is stable. We need a release where everything _works_. Can we  
>>>> have one
>>>> release which includes _nothing_ but bug fixes. There are 409  
>>>> open bugs
>>>> according to trac (and I expect there are others marked as
>>>> wontfix/invalid without reason). There are some massively  
>>>> annoying bugs
>>>> for users, not least things like being unable to use IRIs in  
>>>> sanitised
>>>> content (#4570, target 2.4).
>>> Shouldn't you maybe be looking at using the 2.0 branch?
>> I am using the 2.0 branch — to me it still seems buggier than < 2  
>> releases were. 2.0 has some bugs that make it almost completely  
>> unusable for me, which despite Mark Jaquith telling me they'd be  
>> fixed, Ryan Boren contradicted him if not a week later. Not only  
>> are bugs being introduced at a quicker and quicker rate, but bugs  
>> are being regressed more and more often. A large majority of WP  
>> could be tested automatically, and badly needs to be. This has  
>> been suggested several times before, but nothing, to my knowledge,  
>> has ever really happened about it.
>> - Geoffrey Sneddon
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