[wp-hackers] Trac(k) WP development with Mugshot

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 03:14:25 GMT 2007

I found a cool way to track WP development progress: with Mugshot.

If you don't know already, Mugshot is kind of like a 'Web 2.0
Aggregator'. A 'social network of social networks', which integrates
with blogs, and services like YouTube, Flickr, etc. You can see what
your friends are up to through 'groups'. If you're in a group, and you,
say, upload to Flickr, everyone in the group will see the photo in their
Stacker. You can also add RSS feeds to a group, and everyone in the
group will see the RSS feeds pop up.

The Mugshot Stacker is a desktop application that gives you popups
whenever something happens in a group you're in.

So, I created a group called 'WordPress Development', and subscribed it
to the Trac timeline's RSS feed.

	See: http://mugshot.org/group?who=npFL0SSbsg9X5Z

Now, anyone who uses Mugshot, downloads their desktop client (Windows,
Linux, but no Mac, I think), and joins the aforementioned group, will
get popups of all the Trac activity (tickets, changesets).

I think it's quite handy. What does everyone else think?

Jeremy Visser

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