[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-trac] Re: [WordPress Trac] #3875: Proposal for a new plugin architecture

jacobsantos at branson.com jacobsantos at branson.com
Wed Aug 1 16:33:44 GMT 2007

I uploaded a new diff to WordPress Trac system for the ticket. I've 
tested it, profiled it (running at 0.3 ms for 
_wp_filter_build_unique_id()), and wrote unit testing. The unit test 
only covers the _wp_filter_build_unique_id() function, so it is at only 
21% of the plugins.php file. If you want to add in the other 
add_filter() and remove_filter to make absolutely sure that it works, 
then let me know and I'll attach the unit test to the ticket also.

For the last email I sent, I didn't do tests for Use Cases 3 and 4, but 
I figured that 1 and 2 would cover that at this point. Do you think I 
should install a couple of plugins that use Classes to be sure that it 
works correctly? The plugin that started the issue would be a good 
candidate, but also perhaps Subscribe2 (which I know uses array(&$this, 
'methodname') in its code) with others?

One thing that I had to do with the unit testing was remove the class 
comparsion checking. It didn't seem to function properly. I just figured 
that if the class already has $wp_filter_id, then it must have already 
been through the process. Oh wait, $wp_filter_id should be 
$_wp_filter_id, in case any class might use that for some reason. Would 
have to find a better unique name.

The modification shouldn't require any changes to existing classes, 
because of the above usage. In my profiling, with 206 calls to the 
function, it takes only 4ms.

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