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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Apr 29 07:03:18 GMT 2007

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Ryan Boren wrote:
> On 4/28/07, Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:
>> No go.
>> Is this the alternative widgets "Sidebar Modules" thingy code by any
>> chance?
>> Because I never could get the options to show with SBM on my server
>> though they always worked great locally.
>> (The old widgets.php always worked great everywhere)
> Look in the widgets plugin (not core widgets) and you will see code like
> this:
> $name = __($name);
> That is worthless for i18n purposes. Only literal strings should be
> passed to __(). We fixed this for widgets on wordpress.com many moons
> ago.  That fix included the extra $id field and back compatibility
> code so that third-party widgets wouldn't have to change. After a soak
> period on wordpress.com it was supposed to go upstream, but evidently
> that never happened.  Andy owes us all a beer. ;-)
> Anyhow, since the changes never went upstream, the back compat never
> got properly debugged.  I brought the wordpress.com version of widgets
> with the i18n fixes into WP core, and here we are.  Send me links to
> any widgets that are causing problems and I will try to fix
> compatibility for them.
> Ryan

I'm not sure what you mean, Ryan...

The same widgets that I can change the settings/options for on my local
test server don't work on my server @ neosmart.net

They're both running the same platforms (Windows 2k3 + IIS6) with the
same versions of PHP (MS FastCGI, 5.2.x), MySQL (5.1), eAccelerator, and
the same extensions loaded as well.

Even "core" widgets like "Text 1" aren't working. They show-up all
right, I can drag them wherever I want, they display OK on the main
page, and everything else.. But I can't press that cute "menu button" on
the Widgets page to access the pop-up window that shows me the
configuration page for these widgets.

** Just Checked **

OK, it seems that the JS for WP widgets has changed.
"King Widgets Framework" had its own JS code that worked just fine with
previous versions of WP Widgets. I guess the JS is somehow conflicting
with the Prototype that ships with WP... Time to get cracking :)

Thanks for the help, Ryan. Sorry for the pain ;)

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