OFFTOPIC [wp-hackers] Bug in the Mailing List?

Omry Yadan omry at
Wed Apr 25 05:38:25 GMT 2007

Please move this out of the mailing list.

Computer Guru wrote:

> Keith Constable wrote:
> > OOoh, oooh!  I see one.  The message with the subject
> > [wp-hackers] how often does the cron job run for  
>  extend/plugins?
> > from Dan Kuykendall has a wrapped subject.
> > I'm using TB 1.5.x and a character consisting of a tiny N above a tiny L
> > replaces the gap between "" and "extend/". 
> Representing a newline,
> > I suppose.
> Yeah, I see it too.
> According to what I see, Dan sent his message from Thunderbird 2.0 on
> Windows, and I'm viewing it in Thunderbird 2.0 on Linux.
> In the message source code there is a line break in the subject... The
> one thing I can think of is the AV software that scanned the message on
> the server-side, because it's inconceivable that one would have a
> line-break or tab spacing the subject, simply because pressing enter
> would send the message and tab would move to the next control.
> Weird.
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