[wp-hackers] Bug in the Mailing List?

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 25 01:12:33 GMT 2007

> OOoh, oooh!  I see one.  The message with the subject
> [wp-hackers] how often does the cron job run for wordpress.org
> 	extend/plugins?
> from Dan Kuykendall has a wrapped subject.
> I'm using TB 1.5.x and a character consisting of a tiny N above a tiny
> L
> replaces the gap between "wordpress.org" and "extend/".  Representing a
> newline,
> I suppose.
> -Keith Constable
> http://kccricket.net/

LOL I just noticed that too (Outlook 2007). I just checked the actual message header and the tab is in there too.

Jamie Holly

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